Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise Tour – Layale Shamiye Ship

The Layale Shamiye ship welcomes you on a unique artistic cruise with folklore and heritage shows that bring you back to the ancient Syrian lanes with a selection of Arab artists and singers to live a journey that you always remember.

The trip begins with an open buffet for dinner consisting of 7 varieties of Eastern and Western cuisine, as well as the oriental salads and appetizers such as Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Hummus and Motabal, followed by a distinguished artistic program as follows:

  • The Shami wedding procession
  • The Iraqi
  • Syrian Tarab and Al-Qadud Al-Halabia
  • White mullet
  • Dancing with the sword and armor
  • Ghawar Al -Toushah Section
  • Gulf Section
  • Egypt Section
In addition to the many surprises and paragraphs characteristic of the exclusive ship nights.