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Park Dedeman Hotel is 8 km from Trabzon airport. It is 17 km from the Hagia Sophia Museum and thanks to its gym and comfortable rooms, it is a unit where you can benefit from quality service opportunities to the fullest. Located in the Eastern Black Sea Region, this hotel is located in a developed area in the commercial area as well as seeking sociality. With a total of 149 rooms, the hotel maintains its position as the first locally branded international hotel chain. With 24 junior suites, 6 suites, 117 superior and 2 handicapped access areas, it provides continuity in service with a room chain group that will appeal to many people. Dedeman Hotel, which is one of the most visited hotels in Trabzon, which is a business visit point, has 5 multi-purpose meeting rooms. The most important feature of these meeting rooms is that they receive sunlight.

You can book your place regardless of whether you are one of the well-known names in the business world or if you are coming to Trabzon for a holiday. By visiting the Vip Travel Turkey page, you can easily handle your transactions and continue to enjoy the real destination of your dream vacation before you arrive. Vip Turkey, which is one of the fastest service units, will be able to meet you with the opportunity to arrange tickets for the round-trip journey at the same time. It would be a wise choice not to ignore the early booking advantages. In order to reach many details in the list of what we will offer you, you can reach us in a short time and have an idea. Thanks to the feedback you will receive from our customer service, all your questions will be answered instantly.

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