The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul

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Would you like to enjoy the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul and especially this city? Thanks to The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul, the charming hotel of charming Istanbul, your breath will bring you the sea right under your nose. It is possible to find an impressive presentation of our original traditions and customs, as well as the culture of Europe, at The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul. You can reach guest rooms, classic rooms, suites, restaurant, bars, spa, ball and meeting rooms, lounge and many other unique experiences from The Ritz-Carlton Istanbul. The moment you wake up, the breath you take in will bring you the throat, and the scenery you witness will make you watch Istanbul and the Bosphorus over the clouds. With its delicious meals and unique service options, this hotel will become the highlight of your holiday.

With Vip Travel Turkey, your holiday and accommodation will always be hassle-free, just as you dreamed, even beyond your dreams. You will not encounter any problems on the way back and forth, and you will see that our company takes care of even the transfer transactions. The only thing left for you is to have good dreams about how you will spend your holiday and sit back and enjoy the trip. Stay on our site to make every transaction at a more convenient and discounted price by making use of pre- and early reservations. We will provide the most accurate and highest quality service for you, as well as respond to all your wishes. We hope you will be satisfied with our service and wish you a good day.

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