Inan Kardesler Hotel

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Inan Kardesler Hotel was put into service in 2012 after a general restoration. Almost all rooms have mountain or forest views. It is in your hands to get the advantages that you can make the most of the balcony pleasures as well as the room views overlooking the garden or the street. There is a garden at the back of the hotel that will appeal to your soul. In this garden where the stream flows, breakfast pleasures are quite appropriate. In addition to this pleasure, there are beds, sitting groups, chandeliers and various animal figures made by making use of tree roots in many corners of the hotel. It shows itself with a distance of about 400 meters between the hotel and the sky. With its commitment to the cultural structure of Uzungöl, the hotel has managed to gather its appreciation with its proven service criteria.

You can take advantage of the privilege of booking a place by making use of our website in Uzungöl, which you will visit sometimes for business and sometimes for commercial purposes. This hotel, which helps you to benefit from early booking discounts, will be the point of reference for your travels without any problems. Hurry up if you are ready for a trip with lots of surprises in your dream vacation planning. In order not to miss the opportunity to take advantage of early booking opportunities, you should always keep your connection with Vip Travel Turkey strong. In order to solve your reservation problems as soon as possible, you should prefer to take advantage of our website facilities. Our customer service will be able to take a complete approach to meet you at a satisfactory level with my extremely friendly facilities. Are you ready to reserve your place?

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