Istanbul Helicopter Tour


One of the most beautiful activities when visit Istanbul is to fly by helicopter over Istanbul on a trip that includes seeing the most important landmarks of Istanbul from the sky where you can see the overlap between the past and the present in this ancient city. We are also pleased to offer you a VIP helicopter shuttle service to and from Istanbul airports. Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world that combines a wonderful synergy between the ancient and modern building, monuments and landmarks. Unlike any other means of travelling, flying over Istanbul is a spectacular experience that gives you a bird’s eye view.

Ever wondered what Istanbul would look like in birds eye view! This has been a curiosity for all of us. What about a surprise helicopter flight over Istanbul for a loved one, or a friend, or any other reason you can think of. the helicopter tour is among one of the most exciting tour options for Istanbul right now. There can be upto 8 of you in a helicopter. Different durations are available all you need to do is ask us. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so take the plunge! You will be in the safe hands of our expert pilots and their teams.

Helicopter Tour offers a great experience for Istanbul

If you want to watch Istanbul from the air and experience this beautiful city from a different perspective, you can choose our helicopter tours. Our tours are completely safe and professional. flight times can be extended according to your special demands. As the flight time prolongs, you will continue to see new areas. However, the flight time is 15 minutes, 20 minutes or 1 hour, it will be a great experience. The feeling of flying, which is the dream for some people, can be met with this tour. a great experience for the helicopter tour Istanbul.

So, what services do we offer to you with this tour?

  • With our Arabic and English -speaking staff, you can get information about the appearance, historical and natural beauties of Istanbul from the sky and all the necessary information.
  • All of our helicopters taking off for the tour are the necessary maintenance and approved vehicles. you will definitely not encounter any security problems during the flight.
  • When you pay attention to the safety measures in the helicopter, you will have a great experience.
  • You can make this moment memorable by taking photos and videos as much as you wish during the tour.
  • You can watch important distinguished areas such as Bosphorus, Historical Peninsula and Golden Horn with a helicopter tour.
  • You can choose the best option for the pilot, glass edge or middle seat options.
  • Your loved ones; You can prepare a surprise with a helicopter on special occasions such as marriage proposal, birthday, anniversary. In this process, our staff will give you the necessary information.
  • Since our pilots are completely educated and experienced in this field, you can spend a safe helicopter tour.

The possibility of experiencing the emotions of the helicopter tour

To experience the feeling of flying with a helicopter tour, watching Istanbul from the air, viewing the beautiful destinations from the sky and many more values will be brought together with Istanbul helicopter tour. Because of these issues and more, the helicopter tour is among the most important tour options for Istanbul. In addition, you can learn all kinds of details about the scope of the tour from our English and Arabic personnel and get the necessary supports in order to prepare a surprise for special occasions.

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